What to Do When a Bill Collector Fails to Respond

This one is simple, sue in small claims court. Go down to the courthouse and go to the Small Claims Division. Get yourself a small claims form to take home and fill it out. The only thing that is VERY important is to understand what a “Registered Agent” is. This is the person or company that has told the state they are legally the person or company that will accept all legal correspondence regarding the creditor the creditor you are suing. If the creditor is an individual and not a corporation or partnership, then you can have the court send the summons directly to that individual.

Do not feel the least bit intimidated or embarrassed. After all, has not the bill collector just broken the law by not responding to your request for validation? Think about this for a minute. Unscrupulous bill collectors will attempt to take your money in any fashion they can. They are no different then the robber that held up the local 7-11. The only thing they did different was the fact they used a computer and the telephone to take your money. They MUST either follow the laws that the Federal Government has enacted regarding debt collections or they must be held accountable to you.

I have said before, and will continue to say, “If you owe a legitimate debt, the creditor will ALWAYS entertain some type of payment plan or settlement offer”. Remember what this series of articles is all about. I am offering some information and tips to help you fix your own credit. If you want any chance of buying a home or car you must take matters into your own hands.

Source by Chuck Lunsford

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