What Happens When The Brain Doesn’t Produce Enough Melatonin

Almost everyone knows that the depletion of hormones in the body can effect the way the body functions so it should come as no surprise that the decrease or lack of melatonin can have significant effects on your ability to get the proper amount of rest you need.

Let’s take a look at how Melatonin regulates sleep How deprivation takes place, and what sleep remedies may be available in order to help us get the rest we need to function in today’ society.


Melatonin is a hormone that is released when we are getting ready to sleep so how does it work? Our body’s need hormones to function correctly, And our brains need melatonin to make them work properly. It is produced deep in the brain and released in extremely small and minute doses. One of the functions of this hormone is that it allows the body to know when to sleep and how much sleep to get. Melatonin is triggered by the decrease of light. Therefore this hormone is released at night when we need to get sleep. If our brain does not produce enough Melatonin either due to no decrease in light or a hormone imbalance it is very likely that sleep disorders including:

Lack of good quality sleep.

You may fall asleep, but, you won’t stay asleep and though in some cases you may not even realize that you are waking up you may awake dozens or hundreds of times during the night resulting in lack of rest and adequate sleep to function as you should.


Some times you will find it impossible to fall asleep. You may lay awake all night tossing and turning. You may feel exhausted, but still you will not sleep.


You may fall asleep for a short period of time only to find yourself a few minutes or an hour or two into sleep, wide awake and unable to return to sleep. Even when it is early in the morning you will get out of bed and you will feel exhausted.

In most cases normal sleep remedies have little or no affect on people who suffer from melatonin sleep disorders. Who is Most Likely To Suffer From Melatonin Depletion There may be medical reasons why some people suffer from melatonin sleep deprivation but, in most cases lifestyle is the main cause for this hormonal imbalance. If people work funny hours then they seem more at risk especially if they are surrounded by bright lights. If you travel long distances especially through different time zones,and also if you do not go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Remedies For Melatonin Depletion.

If you think that you may be suffering from Melatonin sleep deprivation you should seek medical attention before embarking on any sleep remedies to cure this problem. You need to know why you aren’t getting the quality sleep that you should be having.It might just simply be your brain is short of Melatonin.

If the cause of your sleep deprivation is low Melatonin levels there may be several sleep remedies that can help including changing your lifestyle and allowing enough time for your Melatonin levels to readjust. Any other sleep remedy should be discussed with your doctor and he or she may subscribe a sleep remedy that will help restore your Melatonin levels.

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