What Are the Recommended Data Recovery Software

There exists some  data   recovery  software out there that is capable of helping you get back some of those inaccessible, corrupted, or damaged  data  that you really need. It does not matter if it was in the hard drive or external drive or CD or anywhere else. Some of these software is already preloaded in the computer while some more powerful ones can be purchased.

In a DOS or a Windows system, the command for  recovery  is chkdsk. This will also ascertain whether the hard drive is good. This can find, repair, or recover lost information. For those who have Mac systems, then Disk First Aid is the software to use. In UNIX, there is fsck.

It all depends on the kind of problem existing. Some can even “undelete” or un-erase those files you accidentally deleted. Partition and hard disk  recovery , and repair  tools  as are able to do this. Some removable  recovery  software can recover and repair those from your removable drives.

Some DVD or CD  recovery  programs can get back some  data  that might have been caused by wrong disk parameters, incomplete burning or other errors. There are also password  recovery   tools  which can get you in on documents that are password locked. Some repairing software and database  recovery   tools  can repair broken databases. There are also such tools for emails.

There are some cases of partition problems for NTFS and yes, there are also some  data   recovery  software that are able to fix these kinds of problems. This can work even if one can no longer boot from the OS. Disk Internal Mail is a tool that is specially designed to recover mail from outlook express. On the other hand, Disk Internal Flash Recover is used for lost picture files or also wrongly formatted memory cards.

The HDD  Recovery  Pro can get back  data  from an hard drive crash. Even if you don’t know programming language, you can use it because it is automatic. A Backup Platinum program can have your hard drive backed up so that you can easily retrieve it. Finally, the Undelete program can get you back those files that were deleted unintentionally.

Perhaps one of the most excellent  data   recovery  software out there is Restore Deleted Files. It is so powerful, in whatever way the file was deleted, it can still be recovered. Even a windows re-installation cannot prevent this program from recovering the files deleted this way. Even the whole OS can be recovered by this. It is also fine tuned enough to recover file versions.

A  data   recovery  software might be an invaluable addition to your computer but it should be considered if you keep losing important files.

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