Ways to Supercharge Your Brain

As we grow older, the greatest asset we have, our brains, would eventually deteriorate. Have you ever been in a situation where you bump into someone you definitely know, but somehow you just can’t recall his name.

What about the time when you’ve finish your session of shopping, and end up circling the car park at the shopping mall just because you forgot where you left your car. There are ways to boost your brain without having to consult a brain surgeon.

Almonds are good for your memory. Almonds are easily available at your local grocery store. Simply add an extra serving of almond for your breakfast to boost your memory power. If you do not want to munch your almonds away, you can always add powdered or blended almond into your cup of milk, or even your coffee!

Always make sure to have a good night’s rest. Your daily experience is stored as long-term memory during your sleep. Your subconscious mind replays these events and stores them as images and information. These memories will be etched in your brain when you have a good uninterrupted and sufficient sleep.

You should notice that children have more active brains than grown-ups. To prevent your mind from dwindling, engage yourself with activities which requires considerable amount of brainpower. Games such as Sudoku or scrabble would keep your mind active and kicking.

Sugar intake should be reduced if possible. You will feel energized after the energy burst you gain upon consumption, and feel the effects wearing out after the initial burst. Excessive sugar intake is known to cause neurotic symptoms.

Keep a healthy mind before you eventually lose it!

Source by Harry Goh

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