Top 10 Data Recovery Software

Sometimes, you get those specially difficult data recovery jobs, where your software of choice simply does not cut it. With data recovery you can’t settle for “good”, you need “the best”; specially when you have all of those irreplaceable baby pictures stuck on your broken hard drive.

On the web you will find many tools claiming to be “the best”. Most of them are just trying to sell, and you can’t really tell if the product is reliable until you purchase it. In this list I have decided to gather mostly non-commercial software, however, the fact that these tools are free does not mean they are of lesser quality than comparable commercial products; some of these are equal if not better than their commercial counterparts. Most of the software in the list either freeware or open source. There are two exceptions. “Spinrite” which is one-of-a-kind on what it does and “Recover my files” which is just an exceptional product.

The list was compiled in order of importance. I took into account the programs usefulness, quality of results, etc.

And without further discussion. Here is the list:

1) Ddrescue

2) Ubuntu Rescue Remix

3) TestDisk

4) PhotoRec

5) SpinRite

6) HDAT2

7) Recuva

8) Foremost

9) Parted Magic

10) Recover My Files

These are all the tools I personally use for all my data recovery jobs. All the software in this list are critical in any data recovery specialist’s arsenal. If you want to find out more about what each software is about read my data recovery software top 10 list.

Source by Pablo Garcia

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