Tips to Recover Deleted Data From USB Drive

USB drives are external storage devices that help to improve the storage capacity of computers. USB drives are easy to use devices that allow you to transfer data easily from one computer to another. These features have made external USB storage devices very popular with the users. external storage device can be categorized into two types they are USB flash drives and USB hard disk drives.

USB flash device have inbuilt USB port and data is stored electronically. This means that it does not involve any moving parts to store data. USB flash drives are available in different storage capacities (64 MB to 256 GB). USB flash drives are mainly used to transfer data from one system to another.

USB hard disk are also storage devices with inbuilt USB port. This USB hard disk drive works more like a regular hard drive. However, here again data is stored electronically. The main use of external hard disk is to enhance storage capacity. External USB disk drives are available with different storage capacities. External storage device with 1 TB capacity is also available in the market.

Recovering deleted files from USB drives

Deleting files is a common practice that most of the computer users do frequently. Unwanted files or files which you have already backed up are deleted from the hard drive to free the disk space. In a hard drive, even after you delete a file, you can retrieve it from the Recycle Bin.

However, while using USB drives, if you delete a file purposely or accidentally, you will not be able to retrieve it from Recycle Bin. When you delete a file from USB external hard drive the files gets deleted bypassing the Recycle Bin. To recover files deleted from USB drives, you need to use a good file undelete software. If you use the USB drive further, the deleted files will get overwritten by new data. Follow the steps given below for best recovery:

Stop using the hard drive immediately

Do not restart the system

Do not install any new recovery software to the USB hard drive from which you have deleted data

Save the recovered data to a working hard drive.

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