Tips to Fix a Flickering Computer Screen

For people who spend more time in front of their computer, having computer screen with high quality images is very important. A high resolution monitor screen provides more convenience in working at your computer even for long periods of time. However, all of your convenience will be completely gone when a flicker problem occurs in your monitor. This problem might lead to eyestrain, headache, or even damaging your eyesight. Here are some useful tips to fix flickering screen problem.

The first thing you should do to fix this problem is checking the setting of your monitor. Usually, vertical refresh rate is the most common cause of flicker. You can simply set the refresh rate of your computer screen around 75 Hz or higher. Any setting with lower rate will result on excessive flickering.

You can set the rate by doing right click on the Window desktop. Choose Properties and open the dialog box of Display Properties. Here, you will find Setting tab then you should look for the Advanced button. Once you click this button, you will see Monitor tab then you can easily select the most appropriate rate for your screen. To apply the new setting, you need to reboot your computer.

After setting the rate, you should also determine the model of your computer graphic card. Just find out any updated driver and install it to your computer. It will be very helpful to reduce flicker problem. If those two previous tips fail to solve the problem, you have to check any possible interference from any devices, such as PC speakers, television sets, or any motorized appliances. Interference with other devices is also included to the main cause of flickering computer screen.

Is your computer still flickering? Then you have to check the power plug. Try to move the power plug to a different outlet. Or, you can also unplug your monitor temporary if you plug it to the surge protector, then you can plug it directly to separate power outlet.

By following those tips, you can fix flicker problem in your computer screen. Therefore, you can work with a lot of convenience at your computer.

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