Tip For Data Disk Recovery

Computer viruses are prevalent on the internet. It is becoming a common occurrence to see hard drive failures due to virus attacks. It is imperative that you have automatic  data   recovery  system in place to handle such emergency situations.

Setup a data mirroring method to make identical copy of your valuable data in separate disk ideally location at different locations is highly recommended. It importance of having your valuables backed up at geographically different locations, it is to reduce risk that the all backups getting destroyed in an event of natural disaster. One back method should set up remote  data   recovery  via internet. This is one of the most common methods. Data backup via mirror copies of the disk in same drive or different drives is possible, however, the later one is preferred due to risks. Current trend in  data   recovery  disk that are shipped with new laptops and desktop computer is the  recovery  disk is in the same physical disk as the operating system. If this disk fails, the  recovery  disk is also lost. It is recommend that backup data is located in different partition and in different physical disks or mediums to eliminate the risks of unable to recover data due single physical disk failure.

There are readymade automatic  data   recovery  solutions out there that will restore the system to a predefined point with just few clicks.  Recovery  system must be designed to be able to recover  data  within minutes and minimum effort while technicians investigate root cause of the failure. Limit only authorized people the access to  recovery  system with tight security combined with frequent password changes.

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