Steps to Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP

The article intends to describe the steps that can be taken to restore the files that have been deleted accidentally by users from their Windows XP computer. The steps compiled here are simple and reliable. However, it is strongly advised that these must be followed correctly to pass up problems. This will eventually save users from spending time and money searching for Microsoft Windows XP support.

It appears that users often mistakenly remove files whose importance they realize afterward. This is the time when they feel were if some miracle could happen and their lost files could be restored by fluke. Don’t worry if you are facing a similar situation. The below mentioned guide will help you perform the recovery on your own and without the help of Microsoft technical support.


First check the Recycle Bin folder in your PC as all the deleted items are stored here. Unless the folder has been emptied, you can find all your deleted items here from where these can be restored to their respective locations. If you have drained Recycle Bin, then it won’t be possible for you to regain them manually as these are stored somewhere on the hard drive. Move on to the next step.

If you earlier created a backup of your data to an external media, then use this method. Grab your CD, DVD, or USB flash drive etc. (whichever you made the backup to) and insert it into the computer’s drive. Copy all your data back to a new folder or an existing one. You will have all your

If you are using the Windows backup utility, then use this step. Insert your backup media and navigate to Start menu> Control Panel> and System and Maintenance. Click on Backup and Restore and then Restore my files. Follow the wizard’s instructions and have your files, folders etc. restored.

Download and install a recovery program on your computer. Save the program file to a location in your PC where you can easily access it from. When finished, browse to the location and run the file. Follow the wizard’s instructions and install the program. Thereafter, initiate the program to begin the recovery procedure. You can choose from the wide range of available free or paid programs. These include  Recover   My   Files , Windows File Recovery, Data Recovery Wizard, and Windows XP file recovery tool among others.

You can use the built-in System Restore tool to restore your computer to an earlier state when everything was fine and all your files were presented. Click on the Start menu and navigate to All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> and then System Restore. Select a restore point to make your computer go back in time when things were fine.

Additional Tips:

It is strongly recommended to take a backup of your data to an external media. Keep it to a safe and dry place in order to save it from damage.

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