Steps Involved in Recovering Files

Some time you accidentally delete files from your system, memory cards, SD cards, zip drives, or any other removable media. After losing the files then you start repenting on the data loss. File recovery software is the most trustworthy recovery software that can retrieve all the lost files when you act right away the moment you lost data.

When is actually a file lost?

File loss may occur if they are deleted accidentally, emptying the Recycle Bin, hard deleting data using shift + delete (in this case the files bypass the Recycle Bin), formatting of the hard drive, move or cut operations done on files, software failure, and virus act.

Even after the files are lost after deletion, they still reside in the memory but the file system cannot fetch these files for you as the indexes to these files are lost. If you did not try to act instantly you face the risk of losing the files as they may be overwritten by the new files that are written or saved to the computer. This makes the recovery chances feebler.

If you install any recovery application (or any other application program) on the disk from where you have to  recover  lost  files , will result in data loss as these processes involve saving or writing of data on to the hard disk. Therefore it is suggested to install the recovery application to a different computer or drive.

Then attach the hard disk from which you need to  recover  data as a slave or secondary drive and start  recovering   files . Save these  recovered  data  files  to a safe location or a healthy drive.

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