Stay Alive or Poison Yourself With Alcohol

No matter what we do in life, moderation is the key, alcohol is like a drug when it is consumed in excess, it harms it consumer but it can help the heart when caution has not been thrown into the air. Also, there is a huge difference between individual that consumed 5 loaves of bread in 5 days and another one that consumed equal amount in a day. While a bottle of drinks per day is beneficial, anything above this rate is dangerous to men’s health.

Now, it is worthy to note that alcoholism is defined as an illness that results from overdependence on alcoholic drinks. Binge drinking is when you consume about 5 bottles of alcohol in 2 hours- one thing is certain, you are only digging your grave. Alcohol is good when you did not drink beyond the limit that is good for your health. To know if your consumption rate is detrimental to your wellbeing, you can make use of a simple conversion tool on Drinkaware. However, if you are allergic to alcohol or you are advised by your doctor that you should abstain from it due to heart, ulcer and liver disease, or maybe you have an emotional problem like depression and anxiety- please avoid it.

Men’s Drinking Habits

About 3.7 out of 10 alcohol consumers are men, this is a serious threat to men’s health due to a high probability of binge drinking in men.

Binge Drinking

When excess alcohol is consumed within a very short period of time, not all men who binge drink are alcohol addicts, but binge drinking may lead to alcoholism in men. Alcoholism can be very unforgiving because it has ruined many and it is affecting more.

Effects of Alcohol in Men

Short term effect of alcohol is impairment of personal judgement, basic logical reasoning and ability to make a decision. This explains the reason why there is a high probability of a motor accident, suicide and illicit sex in men than women.

Long term effects: world cancer research fund reported that individual protection against cancers like colon, liver, mouth, throat and oesophagus cancer will receive great blow by alcohol. Another report stated that more than 3% death related to cancers in the world have been traced to alcohol. When you drink alcohol over a long period of time, you risk having liver failure, heart attack, kidney failure and other liver diseases

Binge drinking could have a serious effect on your brain even in those who are not alcoholics, health complication like mild depression, severe mental problems can be caused by uncontrollable consumption of alcohol.

Finally, a glass of alcohol per day will improve your health except you are advised by a doctor to stay away from alcohol. Moderate drinking can improve working condition of your heart. Stay healthy and drink responsibly!

Source by Ojeniyi Ayobami Abimbola

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