Spring Break Tattoos

Are you planning on getting inked on your college spring break? If so, then you need to take into account important aspects of getting a tattoo and the recovery process.

A tattooing session with close friends at a spring break destination can be a fun even meaningful rite of passage to commemorate a free-wheeling time of your life. However, for health and safety along with your satisfaction with the artistic results, you should stick to some standard advice about tattoos.

1. Prescreen your tattoo artist with questions about sanitation of the tattoo equipment and ask to see samples of the artist’s work. You should feel comfortable with the artist and feel like that person is willing to answer questions and help make your tattoo experience positive. Just letting any available tattoo artist permanently apply art to your skin is throwing the dice in regards to the final results. You want someone with proven experience and a style that you like. Don’t settle. A whole world of tattoo artists is out there from which you can choose.

2. Know ahead of time that you want to get a tattoo. A spur of the moment tattoo, especially if it is your first one, has a lower chance of pleasing you for the rest of your life. Something that strikes your fancy at a particular point in your life might prove embarrassing in later years. Just do an internet search for “bad tattoos” and see what kind of poor choices can happen. If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for some time, however, and have some design concepts in mind, your spring break might provide you with the time and opportunity to get a tattoo that you like.

3. Healing from a tattoo takes time. For a couple weeks a tattoo is an open wound that needs to be kept clean, bandaged, and dry. The tattoo wound can also cause you various degrees of discomfort. Avoid letting a fresh and painful tattoo ruin your spring break vacation. During that first week or two after a tattoo you must avoid swimming and bathing. That means limited fun at the beach and no pools or hot tubs. Your best approach would be to get your tattoo on the last day of your vacation if you are at a resort destination after you have indulged in wet and wild fun. If you are not traveling during spring break, then you might consider getting it on the first day of your week off so you can lounge around during the initial days of your recovery.

Wherever and whenever you get a tattoo, make sure that it is done by a talented artist in a sanitary setting. And of course choose a design that you can enjoy for hopefully the rest of your life. Tattoo removal is costly and painful, so try to avoid any inking on spring break that you will later regret.

Source by Tracy Falbe

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