SD Card Recovery – How to Undelete SD Card Files Easily

An SD card is a secure device or disk, similar to the SIM card in a cell phone. It looks very similar to a SIM card, but it is much smaller. The SD card in a digital camera or iPod or other multimedia device allows you to take photos, video, download music and ringtones, and other media matters and files to your computer. You can save a certain amount of data on your SD card, and when it is full, you can download the data onto your PC, to publish to the web or just save those family pictures to your hard drive or to a writeable CD.

On any media device with an SD card(memory card), there is an option to preview all the files and decide which to keep, and which to delete. Sometimes files downloaded from the Internet can be corrupted or contain viruses, so you get file that doesn’t work properly. It won’t play that hot new song you downloaded, or it won’t show all the video you took of your cousin’s last drunken escapade into the neighbor’s pond. This is extremely frustrating. You paid for that song. You are dying to blackmail your cousin with that video. (You had to stay sober all night to catch him skinny-dipping in the neighbor’s pond!) When you accidentally delete a file you wanted to save, or the file was corrupted for some reason, what do you do? How are you supposed to fix the problem and undelete SD Card files?

Relax, don’t panic. There is a way to undelete everything on your SD card. You can download Memory card (SD Card) recovery software for this in a few places on the web, but your best bet is to pay for software specifically meant for the platform or operating system on your PC. The recovery software will open a Wizard-style interface when you open the program, and allow you to preview all the files you wanted to keep, restore all the ones you want to restore. You can even restore files and uncorrupted files already on the hard drive of your PC. Undelete SD Card   files  so your music will play,  recovering  the blackmail video of your cousin in the neighbor’s pond, uncorrupting  files  you already have on your hard drive, and fixing any of your other storage cards and memory cards, including XD cards, USB drives, etc.

You can  recover  any lost  files  you want, undelete any memory card files you want and save them to your computer or to a writable CD.  Recovered   files  work as well as if they had never been accidentally deleted or corrupted in any way, even those that were corrupted by a virus. Don’t despair; you can get all your media files and document files back onto your computer or disk for easy access with the right software!

Source by Logan Yanany

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