Recycle Bin Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files

Sometimes it happens that you will accidentally delete some files from your computer. Or on occasions, you may realize that you would need some previously deleted files. Don’t worry, as you can  recover  those  files  even they were deleted from recycle bin in a matter of seconds.

When you install Windows, on your desktop you will see a small icon named Recycle Bin. All the deleted files will go there and they will stay there as long as you do not empty it. This option is enabled by default, and you will have exactly 100 MB of space there. You could disable it, but this is not recommended.

The Recycle-bin will act just like any other folder. Find the deleted file there, right click on it, and choose restore from the contextual menu. The file will be back to its original location and you can use it immediately.

For a good computer with lots of storage space, it is recommended to set your Recycle Bin to 10 or 20 GB and you should try to keep the files there for at least six months or more. This way you could  recover  most of your  files  if you need them at a later stage.

However, for some files, the restore option may not be available. Also if you click on Empty Recycle-Bin, all the files there will disappear. Don’t worry, as there are still two methods on how to  recover   files  deleted from recycle bin.

The first one is called system recovery and you will find it under System Tools from Accessories. Be aware that this option will revert your computer to an earlier stage and will affect other files as well, so you might need to think about all the programs or files being affected.

The second way to  recover  deleted recycle bin  files  which is also recommended is to choose a specialized software to do that for you. This kind of data recovery software is fast in finding and  recovering   files  deleted from recycle bin and does not require any special technical or data recovery skills to work with the software. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep worrying about how to  recover   files  deleted from recycle bin in the future.

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