Recovering Lost Digital Images

The digital technology today permits us to capture one-time memories and retain them for a lifetime. With more and more photographers adopting this technology, various data loss cases are also stepping in. In this digital era, the term ‘image loss’ is taken as equivalent to an instant loss that can root from accidental deletion, media reformatting or the like instances. As soon as any of these events occurs, the stored images seem to be gone- but not for always. All thanks to Image Recovery applications that can  recover  and restore lost or deleted digital images in a moment of click.

Before the use of digital photography, issues like opening the film door were more frequent to cause digital images loss. However, with the digital technology, the scenes are different. Most of the digital cameras use a specific memory card that is formatted to a specific file system. So, the chances of losing photos and images rise if this digital media becomes a victim. The typical instances that can corrupt a digital media or cause image loss are:

  • Switching off the camera while an ongoing read/write process
  • Accidental reformatting of the digital media
  • Pulling the memory card out unexpectedly
  • Unintentional file deletion

As a result of the above instances, the stored images become inaccessible or digital camera fails to recognize the media. The Image Recovery Software can  recover  these lost images in no time, however, you need to consider the following suggestions to avoid permanent data loss that can occur if data gets overwritten:

  • Do not store more data once you realize that image loss has occurred
  • Do not run any disk scanning or repair utility
  • Switch off the camera or eject the memory card immediately

Image Recovery has a limitation of not  recovering  the overwritten data. But in rest of the cases, when data in intact and you cannot access it because you have corrupted or deleted its reference from  file  system (that is what exactly happens when an image is deleted), the third-party image data recovery applications can  recover  them safely and easily.

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