Recover SD Card Photos That You Accidentally Deleted

If you’re conversant with digital cameras, you’ll discover that stored photo files can get lost accidentally. In most cases, such files are stored on the SD card inserted in the digital camera. You may delete some photos mistakenly especially when you’re in a hurry to snap more pictures. You may also lose saved photos when the battery of the digital camera shifts from its position. If you encounter incessant virus attack on your memory card, some of the stored photos may be corrupted. Many of them may also get lost. In any case, it’s always possible to  recover  deleted photos provided you’ve not formatted the memory card. You can follow these simple tips to  recover  the lost photos.

• Stop saving new photos when you discover you’ve lost some of the older ones. If you go ahead to keep adding new photos, the deleted ones will be overwritten. This may cause them to be permanently lost from the memory card.

• Put off your digital camera and also remove the card from its normal position.

• Insert the SD card into your computer’s card reader and wait a bit for it to show up. If you place it well, your system will detect it immediately as a removable device. You can click “My Computer” to check whether the card is recognized or not.

• Download good photo recovery software. It’s also referred to as image or card recovery software. You can easily get the application from a reliable online resource. There are many of them to choose from. You have to use any of the popular card  recovering  programs that are known for fast delivery of results. You can go for any of them that has free trial version.

• Install the photo recovery software on your computer. You simply click the “install” icon when you browse the downloaded files. You have to follow the onscreen instructions that display on your screen to have the software installed. You can restart your system if you’re prompted to do so.

• After the installation, you have to launch the program. You’ll go ahead to select the SD card from the program’s window. The recovery process will then commence. The software will run a complete scan on your memory card in order to  recover  the lost photos. The scan will likely take some minutes depending on the size of the lost files. Once the scanning is over, the deleted photos will be  recovered  and displayed. You’ll then go ahead to select the ones you need.

• To save the  recovered   files , you have to create a new folder in your computer’s hard disk and then move the  recovered  photos into it. You’ll then preview some of them to make sure they are well  recovered .

Finally, you can back up the remaining files on the SD Card by copying them into a new folder on your system’s hard disk. You can then format the card and also restore back the  recovered  photos.

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