Recover Raw Drive With Your Windows

Every one of us, one day or another, woke up the morning, and start his pc, try to access his data in his hard drive and it’s impossible, file system raw, or raw drive is not a windows recognized filesystem. What’s worse, is your files are gone, if you right click the drive, it shows file system raw and disk space 0 bytes. So my files are gone for ever? Or there is a method to get them back?If it’s possible how can I retrieve them?

After be confronted to this problem normally your first question is what is a raw file system? Is easy. It’s simply a disk partition that has not been formatted with a file system, neither fat nor ntfs or your partition is missing fat allocation table or master boot sector damaged.

You os may ask you to format the partition to make it recognizable disk for operating system “don’t ever do it”. You must try to recover your data or fix your partition without formatting. You must try to recover your data or fix your partition without formatting. 90% of person who gets this problem, format there drive directly and lose a big amount of data and spend a lot of money to restore it.

To recover your data it’s absolutely free you don’t need any extra tool with expensive price,you just need your copy of windows and just 1 min of your time to fix the problem.

To fix the problem insert your cd of windows and go to start/execute/cmd,and write this chkdsk d: /f d: is the name of your partition and press enter and the work is done.

Raw file systems problem can occur in any time and without alert so now you can face it without any fear of losing anything.

Source by Benjamen Linus

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