Recover Outlook PST Files

Have you ever sat down to check your email only to realize that Outlook suddenly won’t recognize your PST files? There are a few reasons that this can happen. Sometimes your PST file gets over 2GB and this can lead to problems. Other times simple file corruption can be the case.

What Are Outlook PST Files?

Basically Outlook stores all your information – your emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, and other information – in a file called a.pst. Sometimes, however, these files can get corrupted or damaged in some way and then Outlook can’t read it. You might get an error message similar to “outlook.pst is no longer a personal files folder.” Basically this means that something has happened to the file and Outlook can’t read it until it’s somehow fixed.

What Can Cause.PST File Corruption?

File corruption can be a mysterious thing, caused by any number of actions. Sometimes the simple moving of a file from place to place or from storage media to your computer can cause the file to get corrupted. Sometimes a problem will arise if Outlook was updated but the upgrade wasn’t completed perfectly. Sometimes it will happen if your computer is improperly shut down, such as during a power outage or brownout. Computers can be rather mysterious at times.

What’s The Easiest Way To Repair.PST Files?

There are a few software programs available that can make quick work of repairing a corrupted or damaged pst file. One that we like is called Stellar Outlook PST Repair. It has an interface that is similar to the Outlook interface so it will be rather simple and straightforward for most people to use. The program is read only so it will never damage information. Simply downloading and running the free trial of the software will show you what can be  recovered , so we suggest trying that. Stellar offers excellent phone support and a satisfaction guarantee.

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