Recover Missing Files From USB

If you have accidentally deleted files and folders from a USB stick then you have a few options if you want to get your data back. There are three ways that are commonly used to retrieve data from a USB device. These include; taking the device to a recovery expert, taking the device to a PC shop, and downloading software to find the lost files.

What To Do If You Accidentally Delete Files

The first step you should take is to back up all of your current data onto another device. This will ensure that you don’t lose any other files when you are tampering with your USB stick. The second step you should take is to try to figure out when and how you deleted the files. If you can’t do this then don’t worry too much, it could just save you a bit of time during the recovery process.

When you delete files you don’t actually delete them permanently from your USB stick. Most of the files will simply be hidden on your device. They will only be fully deleted when you re-write the files with other data. This means that you should try to avoid saving anything new onto your USB stick as you could end up losing your missing files and folders forever. In most cases you won’t re-write the files as your device will need to be full in order for it to overwrite data; however it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Using Software To Retrieve Missing Files

There is an abundance of programs online that can be downloaded that will allow you to effectively restore lost files. Many of these programs will work great for simple restoration, however if you have deleted files and saved over them with other data, then you may need to take your device to a specialist. It’s always worth checking the system specifications of a program prior to downloading it and making a purchase.

Most software is designed with simplicity in mind. This means that you don’t have to be an IT expert in order to retrieve missing files and folders. The reason software is designed this way is because most computer experts will more than likely already have a good idea of how to locate deleted files from a USB stick.

If you are having difficulties trying to retrieve deleted files and folders then you should seek advice from a specialist. If you ask nicely some people may even direct you to a piece of software that will work, meaning you won’t have to pay excessive fees for expert services.

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