Recover Lost Data From NTFS File System

NTFS is an advanced version of FAT file system used in windows XP and Vista. NTFS file system gives high performance and reliability improvements in the hard drive. These includes improved security, improvement in journals, disk defragment tool, disk quotas, sparse files, reparse points, volume mount points and more. Though this feature provides a security to the data, but still you can lose data from NTFS partitions. There are many factors that threaten data security in a hard drive. Some of the reasons are human errors, virus attack, power fluctuations, software failure, incompatibility of third party applications, and damage to hardware caused by dropping the hard disk, fire other natural calamities. Any of the above reasons can lead to data loss in NTFS drive. However, you can restore lost files from NTFS partitions except those caused by physical damage. To retrieve such files you need a good NTFS file recovery software.

Tips for best NTFS recovery:

  • Stop using the hard drive as soon as you have lost files from NTFS hard disk either through accidental formatting, deletion, and software failure or while using third party applications.
  • Do not install any recovery software to the NTFS drive. This could overwrite your lost or deleted data.
  • Do not attempt to restart the NTFS disk drive. This could also lead to permanent data loss.

Before buying an NTFS file restore utility always download the trail version of the application. This will help you to evaluate the ability of the software in restoring lost data from ntfs file system. Follow the steps given below to retrieve data from NTFS hard drive.

  • Connect the hard drive to a working system as a secondary hard disk.
  • Install the NTFS file recovery utility to the healthy system.
  • Run the application to retrieve data from NTFS drive.
  • Follow the instructions to restore data from NTFS hard disk drive.

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