Recover Deleted Video Files

Have you lost an important video from your PC or camera? With cheap and fairly high-quality digital cameras, almost everyone has the ability to make videos from home. Plus, webcams, saved files, and other video sources can add to a video collection. But what happens when they get deleted?

Advanced recovery software is able to bring back your deleted video files. No matter if your video files were lost due to accidental deletion or system error, you should still be able to recover the movies.

Why? When you save a file on your PC, the information is recorded as a complex code on your hard drive. The user sees the video, the icon, and the file name. When the file is erased, the video can no longer be accessed.

However, the actual information on the hard drive is still there. This is how data recovery is able to bring back your files. Recovery technology can automatically scan your hard drive for this lingering ghost data, analyze it, and return it to your computer, where you can watch it just like before.

There are some issues to consider when recovering video files though. The most important is the size of the video. The larger the size of the video, the greater the chance that some small portion of it would be overwritten and corrupted. Essentially, it creates a larger target for damage. If you have a quite large video, corruption could completely destroy the video, cause some distortion, or just leave a few seconds distorted. There is no way to tell if your video is available for recovery or not, and for this reason, good recovery programs offer a free scan feature. This way, you will be easily able to see if the video is there.

Plus, recovery programs can recover programs directly from the memory card of your digital camera. Even if your video never made it off your camera, you can still recover it. Simply attach the camera (or memory card), select it with the recovery software, and start the scan. You will then be able to see if the file can be recovered.

Don’t give up on your video files! Advanced restoration technology means you can bring them back.

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