Recover Deleted Files From SD Card With Paraben’s Data Recovery Stick

Has This Ever Happened to You?

Let’s face it – everyone has made this mistake at least once in their life. You’re taking pictures on your digital camera, and deleting the ones you don’t want, when you accidentally hit delete on a picture you really wanted to keep. Or maybe you keep your important business or school documents on an SD card, and are trying to clean it up to make some extra room, but mistakenly delete an important file that you spent hours, days, or even weeks working on. Unfortunately for SD cards, there is no “Recycle Bin” that files get sent to, and as soon as you hit the delete button, the file is gone forever. Or is it?

The only solution until now has been to take your SD card to a computer technician or computer store, and pay them hundreds and hundreds of dollars to try and recover your deleted files. If the documents or pictures are extremely important, then this becomes a necessary step, but a $500 or $600 recovery bill just because you accidentally hit Delete is a harsh penalty. There has to be a better solution.

So What’s a Person to Do if They Accidentally Hit Delete?

Luckily for consumers and businesses, there is a better solution to recover deleted files from SD cards. Paraben’s Data Recovery Stick is a forensic recovery device that will do exactly what an expensive computer repair technician can do, but at a fraction of the cost. The Data Recovery Stick is a USB drive with embedded forensic recovery software on it that you can take and use anywhere on any PC. Let’s say you have an SD card that you deleted the latest family photos from. Just plug the SD card into your computer, insert the Data Recovery Stick, and the recovery software will scan all of the deleted sectors on the SD card. It will then restore these photos to either your hard drive or back to the SD card, so the memories that you thought were gone will be back in a matter of minutes!

It will not only recover JPG images, but Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, MP3 files, and dozens of other popular file types. So if you accidentally delete the big presentation for work, or your term paper or lab report, you can easily get the file back using the Data Recovery Stick.

How is this Possible?

You might be wondering at this point how this type of miraculous recovery is possible. There’s really no magic involved (despite what the expensive data recovery companies will try and tell you). The big secret is that when you delete a file, whether it is from your PC, an SD card, USB flash drive, or any type of memory, the file isn’t actually deleted. The file is simply “hidden” in the background in a deleted sector, with that sector marked as “free space” for new files to be saved to. But until new data is saved over that old file, the old file is still able to be recovered by forensic software like the Data Recovery Stick.

How Easy is it to Use the Data Recovery Stick?

Using the Data Recovery Stick to recover deleted files from SD cards is simple. You simply insert the device into your computer, select the drive you want to recover files from, and click “Recover Data”. The program will start scanning, displaying a progress bar and the current number of files recovered. Once the recovery is complete, you can browse all the recovered files, and decide which ones you want to keep. It’s that simple.

Source by Jason Levine

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