Recover Deleted Files From Memory Cards

It is possible to delete files from a memory card by mistake and then you are left questioning if you can restore those files. It is entirely possible to restore deleted files from storage, but you must take certain steps once you realize the files have been deleted.

The first thing you should do is ensure that nothing more is saved to that memory card. A memory card works the same way that your hard drive does, in that it overwrites data once it is deleted. You do not want that to occur, so you do not want to save more data to the memory card at this point.

You should search for a data recovery software program to download to your computer as soon as possible so that you can recover deleted files from card storage. This program is not very expensive and it is saved to the computer’s hard drive. It is an executable file that you install and operate from your computer. Once installed, on screen instructions should pop up to recover your data.

It is advisable that you find and install a program to recover deleted files from memory storage as soon as you realize you have lost data. Waiting too long risks your data being overwritten if you are still using the memory card. Of course, you should not use the card for now.

You should know that the data is still contained on the card, and even though you cannot access it yourself, it is not deleted or erased until more data is saved onto that memory card.

Memory cards are not a forever solution for media storage. They are only meant as a method to transfer digital files from one device (such as your digital camera) to another – your PC.

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