Recover Data Lost From Windows XP

Your computer hard drive crashes unexpectedly wherein you are left with no option but to format the Windows and reinstall the operating system to make it functional again. Though this will help you to make the system functional again, you could lose all the data stored in the hard drive.

Much of the data loss occurs due to our backup practices. If we systematically make backups, your data is insured to a large extent. However, if you do not have backups, the only other way left is to use a data recovery software. Data recovery software helps you recover data lost due to drive crash, formatting, re-partitioning, partition deletion or to get back accidentally deleted data.

You need to ensure that you pick up the right tool to recover lost data. A good toll should be able to recover lost data from your disk drive, since much of the data is still present in the hard drive. These data will remain in the hard drive, till you over write it with new files. This happens when you use the drive to store new data. Hence, it is extremely important to stop using the drive immediately. Do not try to format the hard drive or re-install the operating system if you want to recover data from it. Even after re-installing operating system, though you can recover data, there is no guarantee that the entire data can be recovered successfully.

Next, you need to select a good data retrieval software program. Install this software to another healthy drive. Remove the crashed drive and attach this to the healthy hard drive to recover lost data.

There is a wide array of data recovery software available in the market. Determining the best possible software program to retrieve erased data files is extremely crucial. Read reviews about the product and before buying, always download the trial version of the software.

Source by John T Samuel

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