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Let us ponder some questions about autism. At one time you may have witnessed a doctor or nurse extract a portion of liquid from a small bottle of vaccine. This seemingly standard practice exposes the remaining liquid to contamination. So why not just bottled one dose in a vial? This multiple dose ‘solution’ keeps vaccines cost low and preservatives are added into the vaccines making sure it is pollutant free. Natural therapies for Autism are also a world of research but we will discuss that in this article as well.

Questions About Autism #1:

How do these manufacturers balance between saving money and raising excessive risk to your wealth? The right question about autism to ask is the level of risk involved. Similar to many toxic preservative used in food a preservative placed in a vaccine kills more than bacteria and fungi, it can cause permanent neurological damage to children and been suspected to cause severe autism. Are there natural therapies for autism that can help recover from the damage that has been done?

Question About Autism #2:

A popular vaccine preservative used is Thimerosal. Let us see what is this compound consists of: 49.6 percent mercury by weight, the main ingredient that kills contaminants. Regrettably, mercury is also toxic to the body. Mercury is classified as a hazardous material that might cause death when consumed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin by the Department of Defense. The poisoning of mercury has been linked to various nervous system conditions including autism. We will discuss some common therapies for autism that have shown to help reduce the symptoms.

Questions About Autism #3:

The source of mercury is more common than was first realized. Apart from preservatives, mercury is also used in dental amalgam fillings and fishes in contaminated waters. Mercury is a heavy metal and have an accumulative effect.

The first thing to that come to mind is the questions about autism on how much mercury is poisonous? Well, you get a steady continuous supply of it from the many vaccinations you had taken, dental amalgam fillings, contaminated environment, food, etc. From the start, mercury toxicity was never in question and now the supply source to the body is also established.

Another one of the questions about autism is what to do to help the body to detoxify the mercury from the body at a safe and natural pace. Natural therapies for autism with minerals, diet, and other protocols have shown to be helpful. We’ve found that in some cases heavy metal chelators are more dangerous, and more permanent damage can occur. Mineral supplements using zinc, selenium, chromium, and calcium and magnesium, can be helpful for the body to gently detox the incorrect biochemistry from all over the body, including but not limited to the brain.

Those who mercury poisoning have used mineral supplements to help them to get their mercury levels back into normal range within a 4-6 month period. Others diagnosed with autism are showing a reduction in symptoms and in some cases they claim a full recovery when sticking with the diet, natural therapies, and supplement program.

Source by Matthew T Rammelkamp

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