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I have been functioning on a main paper for the past 2 weeks, and I was just about to finish it. The deadline is in a few days. I saved my document and went out for a coffee. Surprisingly, when I came back, my screen was black. The computer rebooted itself repeatedly and is now stuck in the boot up process with a message “No boot device, please insert a bootable media”. I tried to start over my computer a few times, but it did not fix my trouble. I require the document back at any cost. The file system is NTFS. Is there any software, by means of which I can recover my main documents?

At this point, it’s important to stay cool and not to fear!

The only resolution to your difficulty now, is to use a reliable NTFS recovery software, like Recover (Windows), which is a collection of various data recovery components designed to recover all deleted files, which have been removed from the Recycle Bin, inadvertently deleted or lost due to virus attacks, unexpected shutting down of the system

Points to Remember

Never fix the software on the disk drive from which you mean to recover the lost data. The NTFS recovery software must be installed and run on a second, independent hard disk drive. When you are done, the utility is very easy to use.


If you do not ascertain your data files and leaflets in the tree construction shaped, then habituate the Turbo scan option from Tools fare. In this surgery, the covering performs strict hunt to find data files and pamphlets and will list all the found oneself data files and brochures.

You can preview the data file before it could be recouped utilizing the Preview choice.

If you do not need to save information like a shot but do it subsequently, then you can keep scanned information in a data file utilizing the “Save Scan Information” choice in Tools fare. You can open up run down information single file whenever commanded applying “Open Scan Information” selection in Data file fare and recoup information to trusted name and address drive. This trims the hurting of scanning the hard disk drive once again to search for lost cancelled information.

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