MacBook For a Die-Hard Windows Notebook User

Change of ideas, change of computers. This could be the main idea of this article. In fact, this is the story of a Mac notebook from my view point. I used many different computers with different operating systems in my life. I was doing great with Windows XP and Vista operating systems recently. The computers I used were not equipped with best hardware of those days. At least they were operating well for me. I used to restart the systems only when I installed a new driver, otherwise they used to operate nonstop for many days.

Security of my systems was quite important for me. To block hackers I installed best antivirus programs and I used to install new updates before automatic update did it.

Everything changed on August 2008 for me. I had been old me so far. I was looking for a file in my computer, then I realized that my files were being deleted. Nervously, I touched the on/off button of my power supply and the deep silence took over.

I couldn’t accept the defeat, of course. I took my hdd out and tried to clean it in another computer. No luck, there wasn’t a sign of a virus. I had to do something. First, considering the risk of losing all files, I thought of formatting the hdd and installing Windows again but I would need to re-install all the programs I have and it could be time consuming. In fact, I was seeing some MacBook advertisements in internet and admired the design of these computers. I had a plan. I was going to buy one of them and say hello to MacBook as a deadly Windows user.

I have never thought that I am going to use a Mac in my life. Now, I would like to talk about MacBook Air. Eight months have been passed since I joined Mac world, and I deserve talking about it after using it this much.

The thickest point on its body is 0.8 inches. We can say that it is a mini laptop. It has similarities with other MacBook computers. Some of the great features are backlight display, ambiance light sensor and a touchpad sensitive to hand movements. When using this touchpad if you want to rotate a picture you can do it with rotating your finger.

When we talk about what is inside this thin case; 1.6 GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU welcomes us. This CPU was designed to be used in thin cases by Intel. Besides, 2GB Ram and 1.8″ 80 gb hdd are the standard features. Although Bluetooth and 802.11n are expected features, lack of an optical driver was a surprise. However, Macbook gained space and energy thanks to lack of an optical driver, and it still can work with external optical drivers.

Another good side of MacBook is that a full scale keyboard had been integrated to it. It means, writers (like me) or students who are bored of compressed notebook keyboards are going to like it. Anyway, it doesn’t mean MacBook hasn’t got bad sides. USB card slot, Firewire, Internal Ethernet jack and Express card slot are missing.

Apart from those, I really enjoy using this computer. It is incredibly thin, fast and delicious. Battery life is long enough. Quality of display is unquestionable if it is compared to other similar laptops. As a former deadly Windows user, after having a chance to use MacBook Air I can say that I’m not planning to go back to other systems again.

Source by Burak Atas

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