Linux Data Recovery – Solution to the Error – No Such Device

Though Linux is still less used in comparison to Windows, it is known for its advanced and improved features. Almost everyday, you can witness a modification to improve your Linux version. With increased number of facilities, safe usage and better programming Linux is gaining popularity. However, with certain minor incompatibility issues with other leading applications of previous versions, resulting into data loss, may force you to think of something like Linux recovery.


You have an HP 6930p laptop with karmic 9.0 installed on a 250 GB Western Digital hard disk. Your system shows an error and does not boot further after recent update of the ‘update manager’. The situation leads to data inaccessibility and need of a Linux recovery software arises. The error message that flashed on your screen may read as below:

“no such device: ba123456-7980-abcd-efghijklmnop

Failed to boot default entries

Press any key to continue “


There is no stated reason for the above error so far. However, there lies certain problem with the UUID feature of the GRUB and this is one of the reflections. In a way, we can say that, there is some design related issues and the error comes in the form or the other, thereby.


In order to resolve the above error, follow the steps exactly the way it is:

1) Try to boot the system from karmic 9.10 CD

2) Press the key ‘C’ to enter the command line mode

3) Try to set ‘sda1’ as the ‘root’ and boot from it by writing at the command line as-

set root=(hd0,1)

linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro

initrd /initrd.img


  • Once, able to boot into the system, open /etc/default/grub by-

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

  • Then, disable the UUID function by –


  • Lastly, update Grub2 by wringing –

sudo update-grub

Most likely, the above steps will solve the issues, however, if failed, then you have to restore your data from the updated backup. Furthermore, if backup is not available, then to recover the inaccessible data, you need to take the help of any Linux recovery software.

These Linux Recovery utilities are developed with powerful scanning methods that can locate and recover your inaccessible data. And the best thing about these Linux recovery software is that they don’t need any technical expertise.

Source by Kuldeep Kulmi

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