Keeping Data Safe

Keeping  data  safe and having  data   recovery   tools  always on hand are two important factors that every person that works with computers should be aware of. The time will come, no matter what you do, when you lose important files because of accidentally deleting them or, in worst cases, accidentally deleting entire partitions.

However, deleting a file or formatting a disk doesn’t necessarily mean that the file has been lost forever. Most operating systems just mark those spaces as available to be rewritten with new data, but the original data will still be there until the operating system rewrites it with new data. As a result, you will only have to find the right software tool to help you recover that piece of information.

 Data   Recovery  Wizard Professional is a software  tool  that will let you recover deleted files easily, in just a few steps. It can recover files accidentally deleted, including files removed from the Recycle Bin, in a DOS window, from a network drive, from Windows Explorer with the SHIFT key held down, provided that  recovery  is attempted before the files are permanently overwritten by new  data . It can also recover files lost because of any of the following situations:

– Hard Drives that have been formatted.

– Corrupt or missing critical file system structures.

– Accidental file deletion.

– File loss without reason.

– Unexpected system shutdown or application failure.

– Computer viruses and worms infection or corruption.

– Boot-up problems.

– Partition structures are damaged or deleted.

– Damage due to a power failure or surge.

– Various Kind of File System Corruption.

Partition Table Doctor is a similar tool that works with hard disk partitions. It allows you to recover hard disk partitions that have been accidentally formatted or deleted. This software provides a graphical user interface, is very easy to understand, and allows a regular user to conduct his own partition and data recover process in seven easy steps.

These two tools are certainly a better option than calling your technical support service every time you have a data loss problem. Many people just throw away money each time they call technical service, while others invest on software solutions like Partition Table Doctor and  Data   Recovery  Wizard Professional. They can be used as many times as you want, and can be updated for free just with one payment. PTDD Soft ( is popular company that has developed two of the most famous software  tools : Partition Table Doctor and  Data   Recovery  Wizard Professional.

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