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When a file is deleted by mistake, you will likely want to know how to show deleted files. There are many ways that you can do this, if your data has not been permanently removed.

Locating your file means you should know what happens after you delete it. The first place a deleted file goes is to the recycle bin. A way how to show deleted files is to search in the recycle bin for your deleted file. If you have recently deleted the file, it may still be in your recycle bin. After a file is deleted from the recycle bin, it become much more difficult to locate.

Once your file is removed from the recycle bin, it is stripped of identifying features and all extensions that associate it with a program. This is the method that your operating system uses to save new data to the space being occupied by this data currently.

This is the reason why when you are trying to find out more about how to show deleted files, there will be more difficulty in trying to locate them now. Your files will not be recognizable because they no longer look like the original file.

If you use a data recovery software program, it can assist you in locating and restoring your file in a very easy fashion. You will only need to give a few pertinent details, like when the document was created and what program you were using when you created that document. After you download and install a data recovery software program, you should be able to locate and restore your files in to a usable format.

Trying to locate a deleted file without using a data recovery software program is like feeling around blindly in the dark. Data that is stripped of file extensions and identifying features is no longer recognizable.

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