How to Select Disk Recovery Software

Technology is indeed enslaving us. What could prove this better than a holding a corrupted disk containing all your important data or a losing document containing vital information about your business? This is a proof of how helpless we are without technology today. Data undeniably is important and losing it helps you realize this all the more. While technology has its cons, it has its own share of pros too; a perfect example being- the Disk  Recovery  Software.

Highly sophisticated software that it is, disk  recovery  software is easy to use and helps you recover  data  that is lost not only from hard drives but from external disks and storage media such as USB drives, corrupted CDs and DVDs etc. Disk  recovery  software is a one stop solution or all your lost  data ; then let it be deleted emails, compressed and encrypted files or files from other computers within a network. It will even allow you to create images of  data  on your hard drive for effortless  data   recovery .

While there are is a multitude of disk  recovery  software available in the market, selecting the best one is often a challenge especially if you lack appropriate knowledge about what features to look for. Below are some tips to help you indentify a product that best helps you recover your losses.

Disk  recovery  software come packaged with a host of features and the ones with the best features are the ones that have most takers. Most important features being:

o Ability to pull data from a multitude of storage media including the SCSI s, serial ATAs, RAIDs and IDEs, along with external drives and removable media

o Support for multiple file systems

o Ability to restore data from lost partition tables and BIOS

o Ability to reinstate data lost due to virus attacks, accidental deletions, power outages, corrupt storage media and spoilt or damaged files

o Equipped with a variety of search options that allows the user to perform extensive search using creation/updating dates, filenames and extensions

o User friendliness

o Availability of assisting documentation

o Effectiveness in recovering complete or maximum amount of lost data.

Disk  recovery  software come packed with a comprehensive set of features to choose from. Obtaining one depends on how much are you willing to pay for. There are a lot of free disk  recovery  software available for download as freeware or open source such as Undelete Plus or Pandora  Recovery . And, believe it or not these are as good as paid software most of the times with the only difference being the number of extra features that paid software may come packed with. What needs a mention here is a fact that disk  recovery  software is not the same as disk repair software. You can recover data from a damaged disk but may not always repair it. Separate disk repair software are designed especially to perform this operation. You may consider choosing to repair your disk or storage media ‘after’ recovering the lost data. But you may never be able to recover anything after having repaired your disk without recovering or backing up your data, just as what happens while formatting a disk.

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