How to Search For Deleted Files

As a computer owner, one very important skill is knowing how to search for  deleted   files . You will also need to know how to  recover  these  files , aside from locating them. Everyone makes mistakes and  deleting   files  that you did not mean to can become an issue if you don’t know how to find these  deleted   files .

When you are looking for  deleted   files , your starting point should be the recycle bin. Most of what you  delete  ends up in the recycle bin and this is the best place to locate  deleted   files . What you will need to do is locate your file, highlight it and then right click it. You will then see the option to restore the document which will place the document back into the place where it was deleted from.

At times, in your search for  deleted   files , you cannot find them, no matter what you do. You know they are on the hard drive, somewhere, but where are they?  Deleting  a  file  does not remove it from your computer’s hard drive. You might have some difficulty in locating the file because the operating system has probably renamed it and then moved it to the usable disk space area and this means your file is in danger of being over written.

Another option is to use system restore. You will need to open the control panel, look under system settings and do a system restore. The only decision here is which date to restore to and after you have done that, you will find that your  files  have been relocated to where they were before you  deleted  them.

Sometimes you just cannot either locate or restore certain files and this will require something more than these simple fixes. What you will need is a good data recovery software program to restore your lost data.

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