How to Recover Pictures Deleted From a SanDisk SD Card

SanDisk Secure Digital (SD) cards are available in different storage capacities, ranging between 2 MB and 64 GB. Facilitated with excellent storage features, these cards are widely used in digital cameras, camcorders, notebooks, portable media players, cell phones, PDAs, and other devices. These cards generally come pre-formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 file system. To access the card contents, SanDisk cards require healthy ubiquity of file system or otherwise, serious data loss problems can occur. To deal with such problems, the SanDisk SD card owner needs a complete data backup. However, if it fails to restore from the backup, a  Deleted  picture recovery software can help  recovering  all the lost pictures and other digital  files .

As one of the realistic problem, a SanDisk SD card owner might observe its pictures unexpectedly being deleted from the card. For no apparent cause, the user may experience a gradual loss of pictures from these SD cards. Such problems are grave for a photo-enthusiast or professional photographer.


The above behavior can result if the SanDisk SD card is either not formatted properly or is corrupted due to file system issues.

Each of the files that you store on SD cards mark an entry of its location in FAT table. The digital device or any other system cannot access the file if this entry is lost or get corrupt.


You need to apply the below sequence of steps to troubleshoot such problems:

1.Backup all the left pictures and files on a reliable backup media

2.Reformat the SanDisk card in the associated digital camera or device. This will install a fresh file system and make the card free from errors

3.Restore files from backup

4.Use a third-party  Deleted  picture recovery utility to  recover  the lost or  deleted   files  from the SD card

A Deleted picture recovery software can scan a logically crashed or reformatted digital storage media and rescue all pictures, audios, and videos. These utilities provide safe data restoration and also an interactive interface. Designed to run safe scanning algorithms, these software can be easily downloaded and tested and available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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