How To Recover Or Permanently Destroy Deleted Files

The Recycle Bin which was introduced by Microsoft for Windows 95, suddenly became a failsafe for many users. A  file  could easily be  recovered  by doing the following:

Opening the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop

Finding and highlighting the  file  to  recover 

Choosing the restore option from the file menu or right clicking

The file is now back on your computer in its original place

However, there are times that a file is not placed in the Recycle Bin when it is deleted. This includes data from removable storage such as flash drives and zip disks, data deleted from within some applications, and data deleted from the command prompt. Moreover, there are occasions, when the Recycle Bin has been emptied and there was a file you wanted to keep.

When data is deleted from a FAT32 or NTFS file system, its content is not erased from disk. Instead, only the reference that points to the location of the file on the hard drive is erased.

This means that deleted files and folders are hidden from the user, but not from people with specialized tools. While the cost of professional data recovery can run into the thousands, there is specialist software available on the internet to  recover  “deleted”  files .

The space the file occupied becomes available for re-use by other files. However, the disk space is not re-used straight away so that the data contained in the deleted file will remain in the hard drive for some time to come.

Chances of recovery will depend on how full the computer’s hard drive is, windows will try to avoid re-using disk space that has been recently freed, to give the file recovery software a chance of working.

Data recovery software understands the file system structure and uses this knowledge to locate the disk space that was occupied by a deleted file. Because the space isn’t re-used straight away, there is a good chance that deleted files can be restored 100% intact. In fact, people who use deleted data recovery software are often amazed it finds files that were deleted months or even years ago.

The best programs will give you full control over which  files  to  recover  and what destination to  recover  them to. They will also allow the recovery of archived, hidden, system, sparse, encrypted and compressed files.

Also, these software utilities can be used to securely and permanently delete all deleted files from the local drive without affecting any of the existing files. The outcome is that, no hardware or software tool will be able to  recover  the content of the deleted  files  once the software has processed the drive.

Source by Kashif Ahmad

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