How to Recover MDB Files Quickly

Finding a corrupt MS Access database or an ‘unrecognizable file format’ message is all in a day’s work for people working with Access databases. Being a well known database for its speed to access data rows and its ability to encrypt data efficiently, MS Access has many laurels in its pocket but being a highly fragile database isn’t one of them. If you too are having problems with your Access Databases, its time you learn how to fix them.

From the age old MS Access back in the days to the brand new and most robust MS Access 2007, the Access Database has travelled a long way from being just another common man’s tools for using databases to a high end industry database that is easy on the resources and provides almost all the features that big boys like MS SQL, PLSQL and MySql provide. Very useful to professionals as well as newbie’s for creating intuitive frontend as well as intensive backend database, MS Access still has its share of downturns and susceptibility to changes is one of them.

Ever tried renaming a MDB file? Changing the order of columns just so it looks more organized? Or changing relationships in the database? If you have performed any of the above tasks, quite more than often, you would have suffered from corrupted Access databases. Follow these steps to  recover  your MDB  files  quickly.

o Back it up: If you get a corrupt MDB file, remember to back it up by creating a copy and saving it somewhere else on your system.

o Use inbuilt tools for recovery: MS Access provides many database recovery and performance enhancement utilities. By using the restore feature available in MS Access, users can easily  recover  MDB  files  with low level corruptions.

o Use a Recent Backup: While using recovery tools it is advised to use a recent copy of the backup and not an age old one.

o Use JetComp.exe: An excellent utility that can be used to  recover  some  files  with corruptions, JetComp.exe can be a pocket friendly way to get your MDB  files   recovered .

If you suffer from frequent errors in your Access databases, you would be happy to know that such  file  corruptions are easy to fix and you would be able to  recover  MDB  files  with ease with the use of Advanced Access Repair that not only  recovers  MDB  files  but also  recovers  and repairs Access Databases with one click function.

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