How to Recover Lost or Forgotten Password of PST File

At present time file and data security is one of the most essential issues for any computer user. Those files which contain a large amount of data and information are undoubtedly the most valuable things for us. Generally we protect our computer files to prevent the situation of misuse or unauthorized access. The unprotected files can be easily opened or accessed by any unknown person and all our confidential data will be disclosed. So we must protect our data and files by putting restrictions or by applying passwords to them.

As a computer user we must have used Microsoft Outlook for mailing purpose. It is used not only for mailing, but also for managing various types of data items such as messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. All these data items are stored inside a file that is called PST aka, Personal Storage Table. We must make sure that our PST archive or any other folder of MS Outlook is password protected. In MS Outlook, password protection is commonly used to protect the content of our PST files. If files are password protected, then no one (any unknown or unauthorized person) can open or access them and all our data will be kept safe.

But have you ever imagined what would happen if we lose or forget the PST files’ passwords? We can’t open or access our MS Outlook files. The files literally become useless for us as we can’t open them. Most of the time we write our passwords on a notebook or a diary and if somehow we lose the diary we will lose all our passwords. If must be one of the most frustrating situations for anyone. No one can help us in restoring the lost or forgotten passwords. In this circumstance we need to use a third-party password recovery tool. We can never retrieve a lost password without using a third-party password recovery tool. It is the only effective way to restore or  recover  a lost password in just no time.

PST Password recovery tool is smartly designed to  recover  a lost or forgotten password of Microsoft Outlook  files . Rather than a man a software program can successfully  recover  a lost password. It uses an advanced technique that allows it to store back the lost passwords. MS Outlook uses 32-bit value for PST files’ passwords and if somehow we lose or forget the password, then this tool can restore the passwords with the help of CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) 32 algorithm technique. This tool is able to perform a safe and effective recovery of lost PST passwords. We can easily use this tool as it works in self-explanatory mode. Any novice user or a computer professional can easily use it and  recover  lost passwords of MS Outlook PST  files . But however, we must try demo version to check its performance and accuracy.

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