How to Recover Items Deleted From the Recycle Bin

Many of us have at some point or another found that we have accidentally deleted a file or folder we actually still need. Now, it’s fine as long as they remain in the recycle bin – but what happens if the bin is cleared as well? This is when specially designed recovery software -a vital tool on any computer – comes into its own.

Before going further into how to recover items deleted from the recycle bin, it is a good idea to first determine how deleted items will look in comparison to existing items on the screen following a search. This varies slightly from files to folders. For example, existing files will be shown by white icons, whereas existing folders will be represented by yellow icons. A deleted file with a fairly good chance of being recovered will appear as a grey icon, while a white folder icon will signify the same status as that of a deleted folder. Both files and folders with poor chances of recovery will be represented by black icons.

The most effective recovery software operates pretty much on the same basic principle when it comes to how to recover items deleted from the recycle bin. We shall therefore look at the various steps and general actions involved without taking specific software options into consideration.

Step 1: Search the relevant drive for deleted files or folders from within the recovery software. Once the search is complete, the relevant file/ folder is selected.

Step 2: Open the dialogue box for Recovery by either clicking “Recover” on the software’s toolbar or by right -clicking the selected file or folder and choosing “Recover” from the menu.

Step 3: Name the file/ folder. This can either be the name already appearing in the appropriate Name field or a different one to be typed into this field. Re-naming the file may help prevent accidental over-writing during recovery.

Step 4: Determine the location where the recovered file/ folder will be saved. This is done by either typing the chosen path into the displayed “Recover To” field or by clicking the ellipsis button to browse for an appropriate location.

Step 5: Click on “Recover”. Once the recovery process has been completed, contents of the file/ folder and any contained sub-folders will be checked and verified to ensure that recovery was indeed successful.

Sometimes it’s not possible to correctly restore a file/ folder, but the chances of doing so are much improved by using a good, reliable recovery software.

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