How to Recover Deleted Internet History

It is actually nobody’s business what you do on your computer or for a matter of fact what you do. Unfortunately we all have to share computers in some places and protecting yourself privacy is very important in such situations. So, we delete the Internet history. If you are an administrator or want to  recover   deleted  Internet history, you can do it.

Once really quick and easy way to  recover   deleted  Internet history is to use the ‘System Restore’ feature. You can find this is in the Windows Registry located at – Start, Menu, Programs, Accessories, System tools. All you need to do choose a date you want it to be restored to and you have it.

However in some systems this may be disabled or not possible. Another way of doing this is using Profession Desktop Search which can work on Windows and Vista platform.

Sometimes, you may have accidentally deleted it and want it back at any cost. You can browse through the log files where all user activity is stored. Also if you have a backup system, you can use that to get the history.

There are also data recovery professionals who use various techniques. They work on your hard disk and trace the information for you. Another method of doing it yourself is to  recover  from C: in My Computer, but you may damage your hard disk. If you still want to do it, you have to go to Program Files.

You cannot forget the cookies that have got downloaded temporarily, you can use them. For this you need to go to the Tools on top of your Internet windows, click on Internet Options and then click on General tab which will open in a new window. From these you can  recover   deleted  cookies and can also choose number of days to retain the deleted cookies.

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