How to Recover Deleted Files Using Undelete Tool

Performing undelete is not something that is really easy without using an undelete tool. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of complexities involved in  recover  deleted data if one tries to do it without using the right data recovery software. Data recovery software is designed by experts and is usually designed and customized in such a manner so as to be capable of handling various data loss scenarios. Though file recovery and photo recovery are similar in many ways, and do not have much difference between them, there are still some distinctive differences between the two that makes it different.

In file recovery, the pointer information of the recently deleted files is made use of for locating the file. However, when it comes to image files, there are two aspects that are considered. Firstly, the deleted or lost images are located using the header information that is unique to image files. The second parameter is the size of the file. Along with the header information, the deleted photo recovery software calculates the size of the  file , and then combines both the information to  recover  the deleted or lost  file .

These standards are usually a part of good photo recovery tools, and hence the user would need to download a good photo recovery utility to reap the benefits of the software. Downloading a free software that only promises complete data recovery but in real is not capable of  recovering  data, would lead to terrible consequences of losing data permanently.

Source by John T Samuel

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