How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 7

Have you had an experience wherein you accidentally deleted an important file or some files from your Windows 7 computer? What did you feel about it when you actually lost that data right from the Recycle Bin folder? You probably felt frustrated because you thought you cannot retrieve those files anymore. Many people believe that once files are deleted from the recycle bin of a computer, there is no more chance to have them back. The opposite is actually true because there is a way on how to  recover   deleted   files  on Windows 7.

How Files are Removed from a Computer

Files do get deleted from a computer, whether from the hard drive or recycle bin, accidentally or intentionally. In accidental cases, you may have probably deleted a file due to complications or hectic work.

1. Accidental Causes of File Deletion

Since most causes of deletion of files are accidental, you must be very more careful the next time you click on files. You may have been right clicking and unintentionally deleted a particular file which is very important to keep.

Another accident that may cause your files to be deleted is when a virus infects your computer. Many viruses, spyware and malware remove some files from your computer once they infected the system. You need to ensure your computer is safe from these viruses.

You have to avoid letting any malicious viruses enter your system by making sure you download genuine and legitimate programs and applications. Most viruses are attached on programs that can be downloaded. Thus, be careful with what you download in your computer especially if you are getting software from the Internet.

2. Intentional Causes of File Deletion

Some people try to get rid of files deleted from hard drives by also removing them from the Recycle Bin folder. You may forget how valuable and usable the files are until you already deleted them from this folder. This is one situation wherein you intentionally deleted files from your computer.

Whether you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your files from your computer, you must know that you can retrieve any of those lost files at anytime. Yes, it is possible to bring back any data you have lost or deleted.

How to Restore Deleted Files

There are three options you can choose from on how to  recover   deleted   files  on Windows 7. Any of these ways are useful depending on the situation of how your files are lost.

First, check your recycle bin if the files are still stored there. If not, you may proceed to the second step on how to  recover   deleted   files  on Windows 7.

Second, you need to check the system built in on Windows 7 OS which is called previous versions. This system copies any files that are saved in your computer. You can back up those files once they are deleted.

Lastly, you can install a data recovery software. This is a great way to ensure that any deleted files can be restored on your computer. When looking for such a product, make sure that it is effective and powerful in retrieving lost files.

With the help of a data recovery software, there is no need to call for a professional to help you in the process of file recovery. You simply download the software and let it do all the work for you. This is your chance to save money when attempting to  recover   files . Unlike if you call in an expert, you may spend a fortune before you get your files back. So, why waste time and money calling a company to help you retrieve your important deleted files if you can just use software that may not cost you anything?

Source by R. K. Jain

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