How to Recover Deleted Files on an iPod

Deleting files is a regular task that every computer user performs in his day to day life. The user tends to delete files, if he feels that the specific file is taking up more disk space which is slowing down the whole computer, or if the user feels that the file is rarely being used by him. The user might also plan to get rid of the file, if he feels that the file is infected and that it could prove to be a threat for other files that are present on the computer. The user might choose to get rid of a particular file, or delete a whole folder, resulting in deletion of a group of files.

When a user wants to delete a file or a group of files on his computer, he can either choose to delete it using the delete button, which first sends the file into the Recycle bin. In this case, if the user later feels that he needs to get rid of the file even from the Recycle Bin, he needs to subsequently empty the Recycle bin. However, there are methods using which, the user can delete a file, wherein the file bypasses the Recycle bin. Some of the methods to do the above include using the Shift and Delete keys combination, making use of the DOS command for deleting the file etc.

However, an instance where the deleted file goes to the Recycle bin is possible, only if the file is deleted from the fixed hard drive. In case of external hard drives, USB drives and other flash drives, deletion of a file, makes it automatically bypass the Recycle bin and hence it becomes invisible to the user. This holds good even for an iPod. Since users initially fill their iPods with as much as files as possible, and then go onto delete the unwanted ones, chances of accidental deletion of all the files is high.

Though the files become invisible to the user, the truth is that the data in the deleted files are still present on the device as long as the data does not get overwritten. Hence the user can still recover deleted files on iPod, if he makes sure that he prevents further usage of the device, as this could result in further damage. It is also important that the user downloads a good iPod recovery software, to carry out data recovery.

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