How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows XP

If you are searching for a file on your hard drive and are unable to locate it or if you have recently deleted the file, you may be able to restore that file from a back up or a previous version.

It is easy to  recover   deleted   files  Windows XP has backed up by using simple methods located right inside this operating system.

You can  recover   deleted   files  Windows XP has from something called “previous versions”. This is a copy of your document which is produced when you save a document. By right clicking on that file or folder, you can choose to “restore previous versions” which will give you the last version of that file or folder.

It doesn’t matter if you need to restore a single file or the entire folder, you can accomplish this. You will be able to preview these files in a read only format and make a decision about whether this is something you need to restore. In order to restore a particular file, you will drag the file to your existing folder and add it or restore it with that option.

If your file was only recently deleted, you can take a look inside the recycle bin. The recycle bin holds every recently deleted file unless and until you empty it. At that time the files are stripped of their file extensions and reallocated to usable hard drive space.

It is also possible to  recover   deleted   files  Windows XP has in its system by restoring your back up version. This is pretty straight forward; however, it will only help you if you regularly back up your hard drive.

If none of these options are viable, the next thing you can do is download a data recovery software program. These programs will be able to locate and restore your lost data before it is over written.

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