How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

Keeping unwanted emails in your Outlook mailbox does not make any sense, as it only increases the size of PST file, which may lead to several issues like slow performance of MS Outlook, PST corruption, etc. Therefore, people often used to delete emails that have no importance for them. When emails are deleted from Inbox, they get transferred in to the “Deleted Items” folder from where the user can recover them. However, if emails are also removed from the “Deleted Items” folder then it becomes difficult to recover them back.

Here, you might be thinking that once the user has deleted unwanted emails then why he / she would like to recover them back. Actually what happens with most of the users is they also delete important emails accidentally while removing unimportant emails from Inbox. Later on when they realize that some of the important emails are missing then it has already been so late to restore them from the “Deleted Items” folder, as the folder has also been emptied. This is the situation, which makes the user to think about email recovery. Here, in this article, you will know about the process to recover deleted emails in Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2007 provides you an option to perform email recovery using which you can recover recently deleted emails even when the “Deleted Items” folder has been emptied. Mentioned below are the steps following which you can easily recover recently deleted email items in Outlook 2007:

1.Start MS Outlook 2007.

2.Select the folder in the left panel from which you have deleted emails. For example, if you have deleted emails from Inbox then select it in the left panel.

3.Select Tools > Recover Deleted Items option. A window displaying the emails deleted from the selected email folder appears.

4.Select the emails that you want to recover and click the “Recover Selected Items” option. As you click the “Recover Selected Items” option, all selected emails will be saved at their original location.

This is how you can recover the deleted items using built-in Email Recovery option in Outlook 2007. However, this option will be helpful only when emails are not deleted long ago. In case, you have deleted some important emails long time back, say a month ago then the “Recover Deleted Items” option will not be helpful.

In case you need to recover emails deleted long ago, you need to use third party email recovery software. The software has been designed to help you recover emails that you have lost / deleted long ago but now you need them back. During the recovery process, the software scans the PST file and recovers deleted items. The recovered deleted items are then displayed in RED color for their easy identification. If in case you are lest only with an unusable OST file to recover emails including deleted ones, then how will you tackle this situation? In such situations you can make deleted email recovery possible by converting OST to Outlook PST. Doing so will surely help you to access and view recovered email items in MS Outlook.

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