How to Recover and Restore PDF Files

Adobe’s Portable Document Format or PDF is now being recognized as truly universal file format – one that saves all the original formatting in a document including the layout, graphics and fonts. This makes it possible for users across various computer platforms to view and print the document as it was originally laid out, even though the user may not have the software used to create the document.

As a result, PDF format files are now increasingly used for sharing of information, especially over the Internet with many organizations offering their standard reports, feedback forms and white papers as downloadable PDF files. In fact, PDF format files are also being used for eBook publishing, pre-press documents, document review and by major institutions for document archiving. At times when PDF documents are used frequently, they can get corrupted leading to loss of data. If an organization is using PDF  files  to archive important financial or customer data, they have to ensure that there is a quick way of  recovering  this valuable data from damaged PDF  files .

Advanced PDF Repair is a powerful recovery tool, which can be of immense use to both developers as well as end-users of PDF files. It is designed to enable users to scan and repair corrupt or damaged Acrobat PDF documents thereby  recovering  valuable data. Advanced PDF Repair now uses a highly advanced repair engine that employs a quick  file  recovery algorithm to find and  recover  as many objects as it can from a corrupted PDF  file . You can use Advanced PDF Repair on your local computer to find and select the PDF format files that need repairing. Since this tool seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer, you can use the context menu of Windows Explorer to quickly access the files you suspect of being damaged. Just a few mouse clicks and you can start the recovery process to restore data from corrupt, damaged or even inaccessible PDF files. You can even use this software to repair PDF files on corrupt media like flash drives, for example.

This recovery tool can  recover  all versions of PDF format  files  and even those files that do not comply with the PDF specification. Best of all, this software comes with a very user-friendly interface that makes the entire recovery process a breeze. With this tool, you will never have to face the problem of not being able to access or of losing valuable information stored in your PDF files.

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