How to Easily Recover Your Deleted Files

The tips included in this article are based on the premise that you simply deleted a file and the computer has not been affected by viruses and other kinds of risks.

Check the recycle bin

When you delete a file, the best place to find them would be the recycle bin. The files do not get deleted from the system that easily. Normally, you will find them in this bin that you can easily access on the home page. Click the icon and check for the file. If you click on a file, you will be asked to either restore it or permanently delete it. You can easily drag it to the folder or the desktop. That is the easiest first step in recovering the files. For Windows OS, click on Recycle Bin. For Mac OS, click on Trash. Before you go berserk about a deleted file, check these folders first.

Recover the file from your backup disk

The ideal way to keep your files safe from accidental deletion or system crashes is to have a backup of your files. If you want an easy way to do a backup, get a USB drive and you can use this as a storage device for your important files. Make sure that you have enough space for the files to fit in. Label the USB to help you remember what is included in the file. For those people who like the idea of cloud based systems, you can do so by taking advantage of operating systems that allow you to work directly via internet over a secure cloud where you just have to log in using your unique account to access them on another computer, if you emailed the file before, you can still check them out on your email attachments.

Use programs for recovery

There are several programs that you can buy to easily recover your deleted files. File recovery software is very nifty since it gives you a unique view of how files are managed in your computer and how those “deleted” files are actually not deleted. When you delete a file, the computer just marks it as ready for re-use and if you have no space issues, they will still be present in your hard disk. These software tools can be used to scan the computer and check the storage medium and the recover the files on your demand. Some programs can also be used on various removable storage so you can recover the files you thought were lost forever.

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