How To Deal With A Slow Computer

As more and more computers are being used in our work and life, more and more people may face this problem one day: How to deal with a slow computer? As most of us knows that we use computers to calculate, to store information,to desire,to do all kings of things that we don’t want to do ourselves anymore. So it is very important to keep the computer’s peak performance.

Upgrade the RAM of your computer

A computer’s RAM determine its amount of memory and the speed it works. Upgrading the RAM of your computer is most useful way to speed up your slow computer. But as the cost of upgrading is not affordable for every one, you should think clearly before you determine to do that.

Clear the registry of your computer

Registry may not be so familiar to some people. That is a very important part of a computer, it stores the information that do with the login user and the application which are allowed to access the computer. But as time goes on, registry will be filled by unnecessary garbage and numerous false entries which are the cause of your computer. You can easily find a cheap software which deal with that procession from a reputation company on web. Have more professional people to do that for you will make that job easier for you.

De-fragmentationin your computer

That word seems so professional as you may want to give up this part of the article. But hold your eyes, I am going to introduce this simply to you. Think that if you are going to work in a dirty room which is filled with all kinds of thing,no matter they are for your work or for your life, will you be happy?That does the same to the computer. De-fragmentation will clean up your computer and your computer will be speed up after that.

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