File Recovery for Windows XP

Don’t be too concerned when your computer crashes or has some fault wit it’s hard drive. All is not lost if you have a data recovery tool with assistance from “Active File Recovery” software. In extreme cases when the data or files have been corrupted the files maybe too infected to be recoverable. Using Active   file  Recovery it is now possible to  recover  lost data from your hard drive’s Partitions, to either  recover  deleted  files  or partitions. This article will show you how to use Active  File  Recovery for Windows and how easy it is to  recover  those important, deleted or lost  files .

First of all you will need to download the Active File Recovery software it is a freeware that is down loadable from and other established websites. Always make sure that the software is verified by it’s signature or website before clicking Run. Once you have installed the software, then proceed to launch the program after following instructions. Go to Help and Support Or Run and type in Local System Devices and then follow the instruction, in help and support it will have a link that will take you straight to the program. Now click on the Quick Scan option at the top of the program to start a search for any deleted  files  or data you wish to  recover . You will have a Super Scan option you can use to find and fix a Partition on a drive.

You will be shown a list of all the  files  and partitions and  files  you are able to  recover  on the right side of the window on your computer screen. Select any folder you wish and then simply click the  recover  option you will be then asked where you would like to store your  files  once you have chosen a location, and your pretty much done.

Source by Mikaere Murray

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