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“Business continuity” and “disaster  recovery ” are two major watchwords for anyone that owns a business, from the small home based business to the huge multinational corporations. Since today’s business world has become so reliant on technology to keep things going, business owners are becoming more and more aware of the need to keep that technology running smoothly, securely and soundly. Data loss is something that no one wants to face, particularly if the data lost happens to be important financial records or a just completed major presentation or advertising campaign.

Data loss can hit everyone hard, but it is perhaps the most perilous for the small business owner. If you own your own business and do not have a disaster  recovery  plan, then you are at risk for some extremely scary situations if a disaster should ever strike. A disaster  recovery  plan basically refers to what measures and steps you will take in the event of an emergency that will ensure your business stays running smoothly and with minimal damage. The disasters these plans should be able to handle include both natural disasters and those caused by people. For example, earthquake, fire, and flood are classified as natural disasters, while computer viruses, hackers, accidents, user errors, burglary and other similar events are classified as man made disasters.

If any of these events happen to you, you could lose everything without proper backups and security measures in place. And that could mean the end of your business as you know it – or as anyone else knows it, either! Fortunately, it is not difficult to get the technology your business uses shored up enough to withstand a disaster. Most important is to have backups of your data in place. Disaster  recovery  software programs can make copies of your computer’s hard drives, your servers, and more, so that you always have a safe copy put away. You can store it on an external hard drive or on discs, but then it’s wise to take it a step further and utilize an offsite backup service that will keep your data safe in case something happens to your office building or your home.

These programs are easy to use and they often include features that let you continually add smaller updated  data  to your  recovery  file after you’ve made the first big save. You can restore your  data  from your computer, or if the computer is out of commission and you must get a new one, many of these programs also let you restore your  data  from an offsite server, as well as break the large chunks of  data  up into more manageable pieces during the  recovery  process.

The most important thing to remember is that without your precious data, your business could be in jeopardy. Don’t let your accounting, orders, customer information and tax information be unsecured – make use of some great disaster  recovery  software in your plan and you will feel a lot better knowing you and your business are protected.

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