Deleted Word File Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Word Documents Easily

Sometimes you may erase a file accidentally and you realize that you need it after erasing it. If it is a simple picture downloaded from the Internet, this won’t be so bad but what if you deleted a word file containing your last book or some important work documents? Are you wondering how to recover deleted word files? Don’t worry, as there are several methods to recover deleted word documents easily.

The simplest method for deleted word document recovery is making use of the Recycle Bin. The icon for this application can be found on the desktop on your computer screen or from the Start menu. Any file deleted will go there if you have that option enabled. Right click on the desired file and click on Recover. However, if you have modified your document and the computer crashed before you could save the changes, those changes are lost forever.

Word document files are rather small and they will always go to the recycle bin. Be sure you are not using Shift + Delete, as this option will erase your file permanently. If you can’t find the word files in the Recycle Bin, you will need to use another recovery method.

Specialized recovery software can be used for deleted word file recovery, and you can find some good software of this type readily available on the market. You could use it for recovering other kinds of files as well, but for word documents it is highly suitable. You could recover deleted word documents even six months back. However, free software may not be that powerful. Just run a complete scan with this program and it should make you a list with all the deleted files from the desired period. Find your word document and click on recover. Try not to recover too many files at the same time as the program may crash. Just be patient and recover them step by step and they should work fine afterward.

If you don’t like this solution, you could use a system recovery point. Of course, you will need one created if you want to revert to it. You will also need the Windows Installer CD and be aware that the process might last for a long time.

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