Data Recovery

It is the process of retrieving the data from the damaged or inaccessible parts of hard drive of your computer system. Recovery can be done from primary, secondary or temporary storage devices. Data recovery software is generally used when your hard drive is physically damaged or there are some logical errors in areas of hard drive. With the help of this software, you can re-gain and secure the data that you may have deleted.


Data Recovery after Physical Damage:

Physical damage of hard disk arises because of the reading head not responding or the damage may have occurred to the metallic layers of compact disk. The easiest and quickest way is to replace the affected parts of hard drive. But this action may generate some logical errors in hard drive as new parts are installed. There are some useful techniques to recover data in such cases.

Virtual Disk:

Creating a virtual disk can be supportive in the reconstruction of lost data. The images can be converted into a usable form. This action can recover the physical damage.

Data Recovery after Logical Damage:

Logical damage is more common than physical damage to the hard disk. Normally it occurs because of un-expected power failures which result in unsaved data or incomplete roll back to previous status. And, when the same file/data is used again, an inconsistency occurs within the system which leads to severe system crashes.


One way to prevent such damages is the use of reliable file systems e.g. EXT3. This system is designed in a way that even if the power failure occurs, it would roll back the file in consistent state. A back up power system can also help in case of continuous power failures.

State Analysis:

Analysis of each area of a file system with scrutiny can un-veil the logical errors and you can fix the errors in time and before they convert to big problems. This activity is time consuming and may be costly in short term, but has long term financial and non-financial benefits.

Thus, the data recovery process helps in recovery of important data that has been lost because of any kind of damage.

Broken or Damaged LCD Repair:

If your laptop is older or its screen has damaged or broken due to any reason then it is better to purchase a new laptop rather replace a LCD screen. Replacing of laptop LCD screen is much expensive task. To safe, and protect your laptop LCD screen from scratches, punctures, stains, and damaged, it is highly recommended to use Privacy filters or 3M filters for these screens.


Overheating of system is caused by a faulty fan that blocks the airflow in the computer or stops functioning. The laptop fan cools down the CPU and hard drive. To avoid this issue, always rest a laptop on a flat and hard surface, when turned on.

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